1754 Mr Sutton & Co
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1780-90 RAISBECK, GREY, BURDEN & Co (though Burden was bankrupt 1788)
1790> Building owned by Edward Pease, and at some time named Waterloo Mills



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Stockton Sugar House was built in 1780 for Raisbeck, Grey & Burden (1), and designed with a rather ambitious output of up to 600 hogsheads (about 450 tons) of sugar per year (2).
By February 1784 they needed short term loans of 300 & 200 from Ralph Jackson. Both loans were repaid, at 5% interest, by the proprietors in May 1784 (3).
In 1785 the sum insured with Sun Fire Office by Stapylton (mistakenly using Raisbeck's middle name), Grey & Burden was 8600 (4) ...
... in 1788 one of the directors, John Burden, was declared bankrupt (5) ...
... and in 1790 the whole building was urgently put up for sale - "Sugar House at Stockton to be Peremptorily Sold to the Highest Bidder." (6) See Sales.
The Sugar House was sold in 1790 and taken on by Edward Pease of Darlington, though whether as a sugar refinery still needs to be established (3).
In 1824 Edward's wife Rachel wrote to her son Edward jun at the Sugar House regarding family matters (7). (I've checked this small bundle of family letters at Durham RO, but known mention Edward's business.)
Edward Pease died in Darlington in 1858 aged 91.
The building was at some stage named Waterloo Mills and later used as a granary and a warehouse. It was demolished in 1929 (1).


Quote - "Shipping is the principal economic activity here, apart from a sugar refinery set up by Mr Sutton and Company and some looms for sailcloth. The sugar sells for 9d to 12d per pound, and is reckoned to be as good as London sugar; the workers come, however, from London." [1754]



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[My thanks to Geoff King for his assistance and interest in this research.]