GOOLE, Canal Bridge

1841-1856> MAUDE Arthur
1861 COGLAN William


1890-3 DUNCAN James
1893-4 MACFIE



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Goole Sugar House.

Even though some of the references appear to state otherwise, the Sugar House is clearly marked on the 1855 map of Goole. I suspect that as it was north of the river and canal, separate from the original Goole settlement, there was a tendency for that area to have been known as Hook.
Arthur Maude ran the sugarhouse from 1844, and maybe earlier, through to 1852 and most probably much later (a detailed search of the directories is still needed). The entry in the valuations of Phoenix Fire Office for 1846 shows the sugarhouse to have been on the "bank of canal" and have an insurance value of 7500.
In March 1852, the manager George Schilling reported that coal to the value of 13s was stolen by a near neighbour and the thief was prosecuted, however it is in this report that it is stated that he "lived on premises at Hook adjoining the sugar house". George died in 1855, but we know from his Will of 1871 that he lived in Albert Street ... which is adjoining the sugarhouse site !!


Rawcliffe Refinery.

Begun by James Duncan in 1890, after he had sold his Silvertown refinery to Martineau's. The premises changed hands in 1893 when Macfie's took over. According to Hutcheson, 1901, "After making many alterations and additions, work was commenced in January 1895, but it was closed in July of the following year. It now stands idle, but I understand is kept in excellent order, and could be restarted on a very short notice."
Oliver Lyle, in his Plaistow Story book, refers to, "1928 - three small pans were bought second-hand by Lyle's from a derelict refinery in Goole" ... I would suggest they were from this refinery.

Even though it was referred to as Rawcliffe, the refinery was at Rawcliffe Bridge close to both canal and river. Today, the Sugar Mill Ponds Nature Reserve, is a pleasant reminder of the refinery's location.