- Bristol 1690 & 1666.


WHITSUN COURT SUGAR HOUSE, Bristol. 1690    [BRO 36772 Box 5 - I V Hall]

Chancery Proceedings, Bridges Division, Bundle 192/24. Webb v Pope & Whiting following the death of Nehemiah Webb.

The Schedule being a true copy of the schedule indented annexed to the indenture menconed in these Defts. Answers to have been made betweene the said Joane Webb of the first pte this Deft Michael Pope of the second pte and the Deft John Whiting of the third pte as followeth (that is to say).

The Schedule indented of the Sugars Deadstock goods caskes vessels implements & utensils whereof mencon is made in the Indenture whereunto these psents are annexed:

 a hogshead and a barrell of poore sirrup wg. 10cwt 1qr 23lbs neat at 18/- a cwt982
3 caskswhite sugar wg. 13cwt 2qr 1lb neat at 45/6d a cwt30147
18 boxeswhite candy wg. 7cwt 17lbs neat at 11d a lb36143
136 lovesDe refined sugars wg. 4cwt 3qr neat at 9d a lb20102
18 lumpssugar wg. 1cwt 2qr 15lbs neat at 48/- a cwt3185
51powder loves wg. 2cwt 15lbs at 7d a lb6195
168 gallonsDe refined sirrup at 3d a gal2540
41 reemesblew paper at 9/6d a reeme1996
12 bushells charcoles at 4d a bushell 40
 1cwt 17lbs of twine at 4d a lb230
32 dozcandles at 4/6d a doz740
2 reemescap paper at 3/10d a reeme 97
 3 mopps and 3 broomes 16
1 reemeswhite paper at 6s a reeme 90
5 hogsheadsbastard sugar wg. 39cwt 2qr 5lbs neat at 29/- a cwt5769
1 caskemolasses wg. 3cwt 1qr 22lbs neat at 18/- a cwt320
148 moldsbastard graine wg. 86cwt 3qr 22lbs neat at 21/- a cwt91510
3copper panns31160
3copper coolers9150
7copper ladles230
2copper cullenors100
1copper pipe and funnell200
1 caskerise wg. 2cwt 2qr neat at 21/- a cwt2126
2kettles for fire 120
2strainers 30
1iron coole spadle  6
2iron shovells 40
3stokers 26
2coales rakes 10
4trewells 10
2prickers  2
5wooden spadles 10
3scum basketts 60
9scum baggs 180
4latin pipes 40
6wooden ffunnells 90
1straining blankett 30
5wooden bucketts at 1/6d 76
4pully basketts  8
1pully rope and wheel100
9candlesticks 10
2hatchetts  8
3seeves 60
2wooden shovells  8
1baskett to straine sugars  2
1leaden cesterne with 3 iron barrs650
5 tonnsclay at 14/- a tonn3100
1millstone & trough a byn & iron150
1deawing knife & rake 10
1mare & coller for the mare120
5cesternes for clay & lime1100
1hooke & rake  6
 a wheelebarrow truck & 2 ladders100
3[...] & 2 barrs 26
7 bushellscalice sand 70
46 yardscanvas at 8d a yard1127
4chaires, a leather & 2 matted 40
 2 bedsteeds 2 bedds 2 ruggs 4 blankets100
862small dripp potts at 1d a pott31110
14 cwtslead weights750
1beame & scales150
3396small molds & dripp potts at 1d & 1d17139
800small molds & dripp potts crackt at d & d218
1068lump molds & dripp potts at 2d & 1d7169
198ditto crackt at 1d & d 145
2628great molds & dripp potts at 5d a peece54150
850ditto crackt at 2d8171
117small candy potts 3d a peece1141
55great candy potts at 7d a peece1121
51candy basons at 1d a peece 43
12 bundlesspleets at 8d a bundle 80
26 bundleshoops at 4d a bundle 88
7 bundlesscales at 1s a bundle 70
12 dozenffaggotts 29
20 sacksstone cole 84
2drayes & vates 30
12leather bucketts 120
6 settsbarrs & all belonging to it4100
 a greate & 4 boxes 180
 the sugar house & dwelling house agreed for between us all three22000
 more added by consent 87
 [wg. = weighing]   

Signed: John Whiting, Michael Pope.


St PETER'S SUGAR HOUSE, Bristol. 1666    [BRO 36772 Box 3 - I V Hall]

09862(I)ni. 20 August 1666. Mr Challener to Mr Beauchampe.

Articles of Agreement, indented, concluded, made, agreed upon 2 Oct 1666.

And in the 18th year of Charles II, between Rt. Challener of Bristol, merchant, and John Challener of Bristol, merchant his son, of the first part, and Richard Beauchampe of London, grocer, for and in behalf James Jauncey of London, grocer, and Wm. Swifte of Worcester, draper, of the other part, Imprimis. Rt. Challener and John Challener for such monies as the said Rt. Challener doth owe to Wm. Swifte being 170 and of the sum of 1850 now to be paid hereinafter followeth have and either of them hath bargained and sold to Rd. Beauchampe for James Jauncey and Wm. Swifte, the hereinafter inheritance of all that messuage with appurtenances situated in St. Peter's parish, Bristol, heretofore of Rt. Aldworth, and late of Giles Elbridge, merchant, i.e. the sugar house, to be conveyed to J Jauncey and W Swifte, their heirs, for ever, to the use of them and their heirs, by such reasonable means in the law as the Council of Jauncey and Swifte and at their charges shall advise.
Item - Rt. and Jn. Challener for consideration of the sum mentioned have sold to Rd. Beauchampe on behalf of Jauncey and Swifte, all and singular the instruments, materials belonging to the said sugar house for the making of sugar.
Item - It is agreed that Rt. and Jn. Challener procure all persons any way interested in the tenement to join in such assurance as is to be made thereof as aforesaid.
Item - It is agreed that Swifte shall release to Rt. Challener all such monies as he oweth to him and that Jauncey and Swifte shall pay 1850 for the tenement and premises in the form following, i.e. to Mrs Elizabeth Gonning, widow, for a term and interest which she hath in the premises, and the sum of ..[not stated].. residue thereof to Rt. and Jn. Challener on 1 Nov 1666.
Item - It is agreed that Jauncey and Swifte shall hand the sugar molasses, and syrups and after all the householdstuffs now being and remaining in the said sugar house at such rates and prices as two persons to be chosen by them and the said Rt. and Jn. Challener shall deeme reasonable. And the said Rd. Beauchampe on behalf of Jauncey and Swifte doth hereby covenant to make the said sugar and householdstuff at such appraisement.
In witness.

An Inventory Indented of the Stock mentioned in the Indenture whereto the same Schedule is annexed:

 473 fatte formes and 24 pumpers wg. 130cwts at 20/- per cwt13000
12 formesgraine with the proceeds of sd. fatte formes wg. 40cwts at 19/- per cwt3800
498moltons wg. 165cwts at 36/- per cwt28700
269bastards wg. 62cwts at 42/- per cwt140140
68 formesbastards and molton tops with proceeds of said bastards and moltons wg. 56cwts at 24/- per cwt6740
 bastards and moltons syrrop wg. 228cwts at 18/- per cwt20540
 refine syrrop wg. 282cwt 2qr 22lbs at 32/- per cwt452120
1496 loavesbigge loafe sugar wg. 94cwts at 3 10s per cwt31900
2314 loavesblew paper refine sugar wg. 83cwt 13lbs at 4 per cwt33290
439 loavesdouble refine sugar wg. 22cwt 1qr 18lbs at 7 per cwt15650
 in brown candy wg. 6cwt 25lbs at 50/- per cwt15121
 double refine syrrop wg. 10cwts at 50/- per cwt2500
 molasses wg. 100cwts at 14/6 per cwt72100
 scums wg. 44cwts at 18/- per cwt39120
 Barbardoes sugar wg. 86cwt 12lbs at 21/- per cwt8583
3 sackswhite powder sugar wg. 64cwt 2qr 20lbs at 3 per cwt1408
100 sacksclay at 6d per sack2100
 2 doz besoms and 6 bundells of splatts at 12d [?]130
6 sackscharcole at 2/- per sack 120
3 dozensstonecoal at 6/- per dozen 180
12 reamesbrowne paper at 6/3d per reame500
9 reamesblew paper at 12/8d624
2 hogsheadsBarbadoes syrrop6011
1 kinderkinbutter for the pans190
7 chestswhite powder sugar wg. 50cwt 3qr 27lbs at 3 6s per cwt16854
2 chestswhite powder sugar wg. 13cwt 3qr 12lbs at 3 per cwt41115
 earthen ware not belonging to the house14000
3 hogsheadscopperas at 2 6s 8d per hhd700
 white candy wg. 1cwt 3qr 21lbs at 12d per lb10170
 [wg. = weighing]   

Signed: Robert Challener. Wm Challener. John Challener.


The original transcripts of these two Inventories, by Mr I V Hall, may be found at the Bristol Record Office, under the document no. BRO 36772. There are a series of numbered boxes in this excellent Collection of Mr Hall's work, each containing many files of notes, mainly on the people connected with the Bristol sugar refining industry. Note that the inventories are in boxes 5 & 3 respectively.

I am grateful for the assistance given me during my visit to BRO, one of many I hope, and for permission to use material from the Collection.