John Joseph Eastick was the first chemist at Lyle's, Plaistow Wharf, and his first assistant was his brother Charles. It was these two who formulated Lyle's Golden Syrup. They both left Lyle's in 1890; John Joseph to Bundaberg in Australia, and Charles to Martineaus.
In 1928 Charles Eastick founded Ragus Sugars at Slough, however the Eastick family still kept very close ties with Martineaus, with Charles's son Fredrick, and Fredrick's son Bernard, taking prominent roles in the company.
Ragus Sugars is still run by the Eastick family, and is the last remaining family sugar refiner in the UK.

For further details of the family and the company, visit the Ragus Sugars website.

The pictures below were taken in the early 1960s, and show Ragus making a delivery to Weston's Biscuits (something they still do today, though it's now Allied Bakeries); a change of livery; and Martineaus making a delivery to Ragus.

images - Ragus Sugars 1960.
I am most grateful for all the pictures and for the advice given me by Ben Eastick of Ragus Sugars.