Freeman's School, Wellingborough ...

I wrote in 2010 ...
    "Having taught at Freeman's School for 25 years, I am now researching all aspects of the history of this old and important school with a view to writing a book ..."


2018 ... AT LAST ... it's in print !!


Hannah Mawer
The Logan Press, Finedon, 2018
ISBN 978 0 94698 828 0

Size: 230 x 330mm
Wt: 1740gm


Available now from ...
    Freeman's Academy, Wellingborough
... and ...
    Wellingborough Museum

All proceeds to the School and the Museum


Reference copies have been placed at ...
    Northamptonshire Record Office,
    Northampton Library Local Studies,
    Wellingborough Museum,
    Diocesan Library, Northampton,
    The British Library, London.




"The definitive history ..." - Wellingborough Museum
"... this wonderful record of Freeman's history." - Chair of Trustees
"I'm lost for words ..." - a former governor
"Meticulous ..." - NRO
"Did Grandma write this book?" "Yes." "What, all these words?" - Emily, 8
"Phenomenal ..." - a former headmaster
"Have you seen Hannah's book? It's amazing, so big and informative.
   No wonder it took her so long to write."
- one parent of former pupils to another
"... some very interesting photos of staff." - the Headteacher
"So much detail ..." - a parent of former pupils
"... found lots about my husband's 1790s ancestor." - a former dinner lady
"Enjoying your book. You could work it into a PhD thesis!" - another former headmaster
"Really loving your book, Hannah." - a teaching assistant and parent of former pupils
"... a marathon task for you but so well done and worthwhile." - a former pupil
"[I'm] very impressed." - another former pupil
"He couldn't put it down." - regarding a former pupil
"... I'm proud of the bit you put in about me, thank you." - a former pupil