TIELHEN - Customers & Executors

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Arney (executor)
- John - of Leman St, Angel Alley, & Wellclose Sq. - well documented as a sugar refiner, possibly because he was involved in so many lawsuits (at least 23 listed at PRO).

- Dedrich Backman/Beckman - both family sugar refining concerns & in partnership seperately with Camden & Charleston - strong associations with the German Lutheran Church in Alie St.

- John - father of John and William - traded as sugar refiner in Tottenham Court Rd, in partnership with Beckman at Bishopsgate St Without and at Wapping, and as John Camden & Son at East Smithfield. Died 1756/7.
- In the "Receipt Bk" we find John Camden & Son as a customer, and John Camden signing receipts as an employee of Tielhen ... did John senior place John junior with Tielhen in order for him to learn the trade ?
- John & William in partnership in Wapping - John also in partnership with many other refiners 1760s-90s.

- was this perhaps the son of Isaac, sugar refiner of Camberwell 1714, died 1746 ?

Hess (executor)
- Joseph - sugar refiner of Leman St & Rupert St.

- Gabriel - this is probably Gabriel Andrew, who refined in Whitechapel 1752, and in 1757 placed both his sons, Gabriel & Mathew, into apprenticeships.
- we find Gabriel, sugar broker, in Leman St in 1811 ... is this the son ?

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- John - was he related to the refining family of John, died 1740s, and son? Richard ?

Rawlinson/Rawlison/Ralison etc
- probably became Sir T Rawlinson, in partnership in Upper Thames St.

- James - sugar refiner of Goodman's Yd, Whitecross St, Mansel St & Gravel Lane, sometimes in partnerships with Hawes, Downing & Slack.
- Abraham, merchant, possibly a brother, died 2 yrs later in 1782.

- Friedrich Michael, 1692/3 - 1776, Preacher/Chaplain at the Lutheran Court Chapel at St James from 1722, who wrote papers/books for German-speakers in London in order "to promote true Christianity".

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