Christian Tielhen
- Bryan Mawer


  Receipt Book, 1748-51, and Letters.
  Sugarhouse 'Refining' Book, 1758-60 - Extracts.
  Sugarhouse 'Bills Delivered' Book, 1759-60 - Extracts.
  Will, 1761 - Transcript.
  Inventory/Sale catalogue - Dwelling House, 1761.
  Leases, 1761.
  Chancery - Statement of Joseph Hess, 1771 - Transcript.


Summary .....
Christian Tielhen lived, and probably refined sugar, in Leman St, Whitechapel. He married Ann Hart in 1750 (1) and the registers of St Martin's in the Fields, Westminster (2), show the baptisms of two children, Edward (1751) and Mary (1753). From his Will, it would appear that Ann and Mary died before Christian, leaving Edward, aged 10, to inherit all (3). Edward was apprenticed to Thomas Sowerby in 1766 (4). There is a possible family connection to Gehlenbeck, Westfalen, Germany (2).
The 'Refining' Book Christian Tielhen used to record the sugar produced at his sugarhouse and to whom it was sold, for the short period 1758-60, is possibly a unique document from that time. This along with an early receipt book and letters, a 'bills delivered' book, and numerous other documents (5) is available to us because some 10 years after Tielhen's death the joint executors of his will, John Arney and Joseph Hess both sugar refiners, became in dispute regarding the contents of a box of Tielhen's documents and money stored at the dwelling of Hess and seized during his absence abroad, bankruptcy having been filed against him - a lawsuit followed for which we have Hess's initial statement, and for which the documents we see today were required.
His Will gives no indication of Chistian Tielhen's wealth, but the Sale Catalogue for the auction of his belongings shows his lifestyle to have been a good one ... a large house in Leman Street probably adjacent to the sugarhouse, mahogany furniture, Venetian printed curtains, and clothing which included good suits, wigs, and riding apparel.


Receipt Book, 1748-51, and Letters - PRO C104/211 .....
3½"x6" dark brown, this early receipt book would appear to relate to Christian Tielhen's refinery. Two of the customers noted are John Camden & Son and Dederich Backman & Co, with the receipts being signed by a variety of people, eg: John Strutt, Charles Abbott, John Mackelean, John Camden, John Tomlinson, Thomas Moore, Stephen Burman, Robert Taylor, Gabriel Hesse and W Williams. The names of Camden, Backman, Hesse and Mackelean are known refining names.
Letters from Germany dated 1751 are addressed to Mr Chr Tielhen, Gingerbread Baker, Round Court in the Strand, London, and local letters of the same period are addressed The Wheat Sheaf, New Round Court in the Strand ... whilst the address may be where he was living immediately after his marriage, the sums involved in his receipt book suggest he had changed occupation before 1748. The local letters are mainly personal ones and household bills, along with the Sun Insurance policy for the property in Leman Street. The few German letters appear to be from the same person, a friend Stahne of Wildeshausen [about 20km west of Bremen in Oldenburg], and one, written 5 Jan 1751, thanks him for money sent, talks of a cattle plague in Wildeshausen and of the death of the Queen of Denmark, and asks whether Mr Ehlers could send some delicious English honey cake ; a Bremen shipmaster could bring it to Bremen and give it to Herr Simmis.

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Sugarhouse 'Refining' Book - 1758-60 - PRO C104/211 .....
8" x 6" vellum covered, it begins by listing, on consecutive pages, the sales of the products from each of the refines (a two week boiling session), but early in 1760 Tielhen changed the format so that the products of the refine are on the left page with the corresponding sales on the right facing page. Around early September 1759, it would appear that new duty was introduced and Tielhen began a new series of refines through to the end of June 1760, numbered 1-18 and shown below. After that a new series began, but only ran to Nov 22 when records stopped shortly before Tielhen's death. It looks as if tax was paid on the weight of sugar products sold, as he recorded the weight of each sale rather than the value, with the price per cwt given in shillings and pence. [ 112 lbs (50.8 kg) = 1 cwt, 20 cwt = 1 ton ]. Note the large total weight of each refine.
(The names of Chitty, Rawlinson and Spalding are known refining names.)

New Duty First Refine

        |1   pricecwtqulb
        |SOLD   per cwt   
        | Loaves      
        |  69Messr Smith & Nash81/-6321
        |  145Mr Hardie & Son81/-1536
        |  79Mr Scott81/-816
        |  148Mr Thornton81/-15216
        |  145Mr Stone81/-14319
        | Lumps      
        |  39Mr Bond & Brew78/-1106
        |  41Mr Bennet77/612124
        |  25Mr Bennet77/47224
        |  1Rev Mr Ziegenhagen78/-019
    blank page   | Ground      
        | Fairs1Messr Rawlison & Co64/-516
        | Tipps1Messr Rawlison & Co52/-812
        |  1Mr Spalding52/-8013
        |  1Mr Bennet51/-7317
        | Mollasses      
        |   Mr Skinner27/6932
        |   Mr Marner28/-930
        |   Mr More28/-48024
        |    total19020

Second & Third Refine

2   pricecwtqulb|3   pricecwtqulb
SOLD   per cwt   |SOLD   per cwt   
 Loaves      | Loaves      
  108Mr Spalding80/-1007|  299Messr Rawlison & Co81/630120
  135Mr Stone80/-12213|  74Mr Bennett82/-722
  44Messr Rawlinson80/-4026|  95Mr Bond & Brew83/-7212
  16Mr Mills80/-1125| Lumps      
 Lumps      |  81Mr Bennett78/-26225
  81Mr Bennet78/-25127|  81Messr Rawlison & Co79/-2612
  52Messr Ralison & Dav78/-1620|  38Messr Chitty & Co 11016
  39Messr Ralison & Dav76/-11227| Ground      
  45Mr Bond & Co78/-14010| Fairs Messr Chitty & Co65/-9122
  4Mr Wood78/-   | Middle Messr Chitty & Co57/-700
 Ground      | Tipps Messr Rawlison & Co52/623121
 Fairs Messr Rawlison & Co66/-1516|        
 Middle Messr Rawlison & Co57/-1036| Mollasses Messr Rossell & Co29/-9701
 Tipps Messr Rawlison & Co52/-1926|        
 Fairs Messr Chitty & Co65/-1322|        
 Middle Messr Chitty & Co57/-10219|        
 Tipps Messr Chitty & Co52/62112|        
   Mr Bennett52/617322|        
 Mollasses      |        
   Mr Rossell29/697011|        
    total30035|    total24629

Fourth & Fiveth Refine

4   pricecwtqulb|5   pricecwtqulb
SOLD   per cwt   |SOLD   per cwt   
 Loaves      | Loaves      
  188Messr Chitty & Co82/-14219|  4Mr More84/-0113
 Lumps      |  144Messr Rawlison & Davison84/-1310
  48Messr Bond & Brewster77/-1210|  11Mr Mills84/-105
  93Mr Bennet77/-27121|  305Messr Chitty & Co82/-29117
  87Mr Bennet76/624322| Lumps      
  4Mr Wood76/61015|  50Mr Stone77/-13226
 Ground      |  92Messr Chitty & Co76/-26016
 Fares Messr Stow66/-8115|  7Mr Mills76/-201
 Middle Messr Stow57/-928| Ground      
 Middle Messr Stow57/-12320| Fares Messr Rawlison64/-1521
 Fare Mr Rawlison66/-10323| Middle Messr Rawlison54/618315
 Tipps Mr Bennett53/620017| Tipps Mr Bennett50/-25213
 Mollasses      | Mollasses Mr Cox30/-1914
   Mr Cox30/-19114|   Messr Chitty & Co29/6105212
    total16136|    total270311

Sixt & Sevent Refine

6   pricecwtqulb|7   pricecwtqulb
SOLD   per cwt   |SOLD   per cwt   
 Loaves      | Loaves      
  161Mr Stone82/-1410|  131Mr Bennett79/-11217
  191Messr Rawlison84/-9218|  307Messr Rawlison & Davison78/62627
 Lumps      |  7Mr Richardson80/-026
  277Mr Bennett75/-78213|  4Mr Hoamaster80/-017
 Ground      | Lumps      
 Fare Mr Gask64/-10112|  46Messr Chitty & Co74/-12320
 Middle Mr Gask56/-1222|  73Mr Banks73/624312
 Tipps Mr Gask56/-22219|  83Mr Bennett74/-23317
 Fare Mr Spalding64/-1327| Ground      
        | Fares Mr Stow67/611011
        | Middle Mr Stow57/-1218
        | Tipps Mr Bennett56/-1522
        | Middle Messr Rawlison & Co57/-11224
        | Mollasses      
        |   Mr More24/-9217
        |   Messr Chitty & Co28/-4123
    total15002|    total11632

Eight & Ninth Refine

8   pricecwtqulb|9   pricecwtqulb
SOLD   per cwt   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760       |        
 Loaves      | Loaves      
  295Messr Chitty & Co80/-25325|Feb 9 151Messr Rawlison & Co80/673124
  185Mr Stone82/-1304|  140Messr Rawlison & Co83/-14121
Feb 16Lumps      |  152Mr Bennett83/-1516
  86Mr Bennett75/-2225|  8Mr Mills80/-0210
  40Mr Bennett75/-1004| Lumps      
  24Mr Bennett75/-6123|Mar 4 87Mr Bennett75/-24224
  60Mr Bennett75/-15212|  91Messr Banks74/-2510
  6Mr Wood75/-1123|  43Messr Noonham & Co72/61230
  4Mr Mills75/-103| Ground      
 Ground      | Fare Mr Bennett67/-1215
 Fare Mr Stow66/6925| Middle Mr Bennett55/621021
 Middle Mr Bennet57/-1912| Tipps Mr Bennett50/-26121
 Middle Mr Spalding & Gask52/62020|   Mr Bond50/-100
 Tipp Mr Bennett51/-12213|        
        | Mollasses      
 Mollasses      |   Mr More22/-19224
   Mr Jellico25/-96310|   Mr Grace22/-11514
   Messr Chitty & Co23/-9215|   Mr Cox & Mr More23/-38310
    total284011|    total331126

Tent Refine

10   pricecwtqulb|        
SOLD   per cwt   |        
 Loaves (p)      |        
Feb 25 81Messr Bond85/-629|        
 Loaves (s)      |        
Feb 28 93Messr Chitty & Co84/-7214|        
   Mrs Davis84/-024|        
Mar 7 292Messr Chitty & Co82/-2917|        
 Lumps      |        
Mar 20 221Messr Chitty & Co75/-6612|        
  1Mr Ziegenhagen75/-0110|        
 Ground      |   blank page    
Apr 2Fare Mr Spalding66/69219|        
 Middle Mr Rawlison57/-1336|        
 Tipps Mr Rawlison50/-41316|        
   Mr Bond49/-1111|        
 Mollasses      |        
Mar 22  Mr Jellico28/-38027|        
Apr 1  Mr More28/-9214|        
   Mr Evans28/-19312|        

Eleventh Refine

11   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Loaves (s)  |        
Feb 7 73 |        
Feb 8 76149|Mar 17Loaves (s)149Messr Rawlison & Co82/-14214
 Lumps  |        
Feb 9 42 |Mar 5Lumps1Mrs Hall 018
Feb 12 42 |  42Mr Bond76/-13019
Feb 13 46 |  45Mr Stone74/613019
Feb 14 45 |  132Messr Rawlison & Co72/639011
Feb 15 45220|        
 Pieces  |Mar 4Mollasses Mr More25/-9219
Feb 11 2626|Mar 11  Mr Evans20/-19022
 Bast  |Mar 15  Mr More18/-9222
Feb 18 24 |Mar 19  Mr More15/-19211
Feb 19 27 |   Mr Spalding15/-9216
Feb 20 28 |   Mr Gask15/-9210
Feb 21 24103|        
 Scums  | Ground      
Feb 11 1 |Mar 18Fare Messr Stow66/615117
Feb 15 1 |Mar 18Middle Messr Stow57/-10226
Feb 18 3 |Mar 19  Mr Bennett57/-934
Feb 19 3 |Mar 19Tipps Mr Bennett49/-13022
Feb 20 3 |Mar 22  Mr Spalding48/615214
Feb 21 314|        
    |    total21010

Twelft Refine

12   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Loaves (s)  |        
Feb 22 147 |Apr 3Loaves (s)24Mr Bond82/-205
Feb 23 154 |  112Mr Bond81/-9214
Feb 25 187488|  150Mr Note80/612313
Lumps  |  4Mr Spurman81/-0111
Feb 26 45 |  184Messr Rawlison & Co82/-13323
Feb 27 49 |Apr 25 12Mrs Steele81/-106
Feb 28 46 |  2Mrs Hall81/-0015
Feb 29 46 |        
Mar 1 46232|Apr 25Lumps232Messr Bristow & Hall73/67209
 Pieces  |        
Mar 3 3333|Apr 30Mollasses Mr Evans15/-9210
 Bast  |Apr 28  Mr More14/-)   
Mar 4 25 |Apr 30  Mr More14/6)1930
Mar 5 25 |        
Mar 6 27 | Ground      
Mar 7 26103|May 2Fare Messr Rawlison & Co67/-12123
Scums  |May 2Middle Mr Spalding56/-12317
Feb 27 1 |May 2Tipps Mr Spalding47/640216
Mar 3 3 |        
Mar 4 3 |        
Mar 5 3 |        
Mar 6 4 |        
Mar 7 418|    total206122

Thirten Refine

13   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Loaves (s)  |        
Mar 8 145 |        
Mar 10 158 |        
Mar 11 147450|Apr 24Loaves (s)450Messr Rawlison & Co80/-4238
 Lumps  |        
Mar 12 47 |        
Mar 13 47 |        
Mar 15 48 |        
Mar 17 42 |        
Mar 18 40224|May 15Lumps224Messr Bristow & Hall75/-69224
 Pieces  |        
Mar 20 2626|May 13Mollasses Mr Banks15/-3734
 Bast  |May 22  Mr Evans15/-912
Mar 21 26 |May 28  Messr Chitty & Co14/619015
Mar 22 28 |        
Mar 24 27 | Ground      
Mar 25 26107|May 22Fare Messr Chitty & Co66/-10117
 Scums  | Middle Messr Chitty & Co56/-1132
Mar 17 1 | Tipps Messr Chitty & Co48/-3314
Mar 18 1 |        
Mar 20 2 |        
Mar 21 3 |        
Mar 22 3 |        
Mar 24 3 |        
Mar 25 316|    [total234020]

Forthent Refine

14   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Loaves (p)  |        
Mar 26 153153|May 2Loaves (p)82Mr Scott89/-403
 Loaves (s)  |        
Mar 31 139 |        
Apr 1 147286|May 10Loaves (s)261Messr Chitty & Co 2520
 Lumps  |  24Mr Mills 203
Mar 28 44 |        
Mar 29 46 |        
Apr 2 46 |May 31Lumps88Messr Chitty & Co75/626318
Apr 3 44 |  87Messr Chitty & Co75/-23021
Apr 4 41221|  46Mr Wm Stow76/-1401
 Pieces  |        
Apr 5 2424|May 31Mollasses Mr Evans14/919115
 Bast  |Jun 10  Messr Bristow & Hall14/-5930
Apr 9 24 |Jun 18  Messr Rawlison & Co13/6924
Apr 10 26 |Jun 23  Mr More13/61925
Apr 11 24 |   Mr Gash13/61937
Apr 12 2397|        
 Scums  | Ground      
Apr 5 5 |Jun 18Middle Messr Rawlison53/69213
Apr 9 3 |   Mr Bennett56/-1130
Apr 10 3 | Fare Messr Chitty & Co68/-   
Apr 11 3 |        
Apr 12 317|    [total24506]

added note : 'Balanced and settled with Mr Hesse for all former Scums'


Fivethent Refine

15   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Loaves (s)  |        
Apr 14 190 |May 22Loaves (s)190Mr Wm Stow81/-13014
Apr 21 156 |Jun 7 155Mr Spalding83/-13224
Apr 22 157 |  152Mr Flaming83/-1217
Apr 23 154657|Jun 11 160Wm Lane82/-13015
 Lumps  |        
Apr 15 45 |        
Apr 17 41 |        
Apr 18 44 |        
Apr 19 44174|Jun 24Lumps174Mr Bennett73/-47215
 Pieces  |        
Apr 24 3030|        
 Baster Bewlen  |        
Apr 16 46 |        
Apr 25  25 |        
Apr 26 22 |        
Apr 28 22 |        
Apr 29 21 |        
Apr 30 27163|        
 Scums  |        
Apr 24 2 |        
Apr 25 3 |        
Apr 26 4 |        
Apr 28 4 |        
Apr 29 4 |        
Apr 30 320|    [total99319]

added note : 'Ground Sugar sold to [nobody] and mixed with the next refine'


Sixtent Refine

16   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Lumps  |        
May 6 48 |        
May 7 47 |        
May 8 38 |        
May 9 50183|        
 Basterds  |        
May 14 24 |        
May 15 25 |        
May 16 23 |Jul 9Mollasses Messr Chitty & Co13/65915
May 17 2395|        
 Scums  | Ground      
May 14 3 |Jul 1Fare Messr Rawlison & Co68/-26118
May 15 3 | Middle Messr Rawlison & Co58/-38312
May 16 3 | Tipps Messr Rawlison & Co49/-12311
May 17 312|        
    |    [total137118]

Sevententh Refine

17   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Loaves (p)  |        
May 24 102 |Jun 27Loaves (p)109Mr Stone81/-830
May 28 109211|   Mr Rawlison86/-   
 Loaves (s)  |        
Jun 2 149 |July 17Loaves (s)149Mr Scott80/-1322
Jun 3 78 |Jul 18 78Mr Williams79/-715
Jun 4 146378|  128Mr Pelo79/-11212
 Lumps  |  20Mr Mills80/-131
May 29 48 |  4Mr Hoamaster80/-0113
May 30 45 |        
May 31 44 |Aug 6Lumps2Mrs Hall 0213
Jun 1 45 |  41Mrs Steele69/-12221
  41223|Aug 7 43Mr Bond67/-13020
 Pieces  |Aug 11 49Messr Chitty & Co66/-14125
Jun 6 2121|Aug 16 87Messr Baokman & Co62/-25125
 Bast  |        
Jun 8 22 |Jul 21Mollasses Messr Chitty & Co13/94905
Jun 10 25 |Aug 5  Mr More13/619326
Jun 11 25 |        
Jun 12 26 | Ground      
Jun 13 20118|Aug 8Fare Mr Gask60/-11221
 Scums  | Middle Mr Gask51/-8111
May 29 1 | Tipps Mr Gask40/-3009
Jun 5 1 |        
Jun 6 3 |        
Jun 8 2 |        
Jun 10 2 |        
Jun 11 2 |        
Jun 12 2 |        
Jun 13 215|    [total228313]

Eighten Refine

18   |    pricecwtqulb
MADE   |SOLD   per cwt   
1760   |        
 Loaves (s)  |Aug 21Loaves (s)17Mr Fowler76/-126
Jun 26 136 |Aug 25 119Mr Bond74/-10220
Jun 27 144 |Aug 27 128Mr Pew71/-10017
Jun 28 85365|Aug 28 80Messr Chitty & Co71/-7017
 Lumps  |  21Mr Scott72/-133
Jun 30 45 |        
Jul 1 45 |Aug 28Lumps45Messr Chitty & Co63/-12122
Jul 2 47 |  27Mr Slack63/-6324
Jul 3 21158|  45Mr Scott63/612127
 Pieces  |  41Messr Chitty & Co62/61003
Jul 7 2424|        
 Bast  |Aug 21Mollasses Mr Gask13/637311
Jul 8 28 |   Messr Chitty & Co13/62938
Jul 9 28 |        
Jul 10 27 | Ground      
Jul 11 25 |Aug 21Fare Mr Gask60/-9221
Jul 12 22130| Middle Mr Gask50/-9326
 Scums  | Tipps Mr Gask36/642022
Jul 7 3 |        
Jul 8 3 |        
Jul 9 3 |        
Jul 10 3 |        
Jul 11 3 |    [total20233]
Jul 12 419|        

added note ... 'Aug 11 Balanced and settled with Mr Hesse for Scum'

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Sugarhouse 'Bills Delivered' Book - 1759-60 - PRO C104/211 .....
It would appear that some customers paid for their sugar products either when they ordered them or on delivery, but the refinery sent bills (invoices) to customers who received their goods on account. These were often the larger concerns who purchased tons of sugar every few weeks. A tiny, 4"x2½", notebook has survived in which the dates, names, and amounts of these bills is written. Below are extracts which coincide with the time of the 'Refining' Book, and I have added in () the refine that they relate to ...........

1760BILLS DELIVERED£sd (Refine)| BILLS DELIVERED£sd (Refine)
Apr 4Mr Gask296  |Apr 26Messr Rawlison59193  
 Mr Jellico53149 (10)| Mr Bennett16676  
 Messr Rawlison5918  |May 3Mr Chitty248177  
 Messr Banks93186 (9)| Mr Evans27160 (10)
 Mr Bennett24218  |May 9Mr Noton5115 (12)
 Mr Grace (Apr 9)12503 (9)| Messr Rawlison146114 (11)
 Mr Noonham464 (9)| Mr Spalding3230 (10)
 Messr Chitty120110  | Mr Bond94166  
       | Mr Mills87 (8+9)
May 16Mr Stone5216 (11)|Jun 14Messr Rawlison41146 (12)
May 24Messr Rawlison1981810¾  | Messr Rawlison1731 (13)
 Mr Evans1938 (11)| Messr Chitty10380  
 Messr Stow811911¼ (11)|Jun 21Messr Bristow26186 (13)
 Mr Bennett604  | Messr Banks2869 (13)
 Mr Spalding3230 (10)| Mr Mills862  
May 31Bristow & Hall264179 (12)|Jun 28Mr Wm Stow533 (14)
 Mrs Steele454 (12)|Jul 4Messr Chitty1610 (13)
Jun 7Mr Scott1718  | Mr Evans21410½  
 Mr Evans739 (13)|       
 Mr Gask739 (11)|       
 Mr Spalding177156 (11+12)|       
Jul 12Mr Wm Stow5348 (15)|Aug 2Mr Stone3589 (17)
 Mr Spalding56183 (15)|Aug 9Mr Bennett171123 (15)
 Mr Flaming51111¼ (15)| Mr Bennett9101  
Jul 19Messr Rawlison32210 (14)|Aug 16Messr Rawlison271114 (14+16)
 Bristow & Hall41166 (14)| Messr Chitty69160  
 Messr Chitty18810 (14)|       
Jul 26Mr Gask2011  |       
 Mr Bennett79101  |       
Aug 30Mr Scott5415 (17)|Sep 6Mr Scott5415 (17)
 Mr Williams2816 (17)| Mr Bennett3124  
 Mr Pelo45170 (17)| Mr Bennett35124  
 Mr Mills70  |       
 Mr Hoamast193 (17)|       
Sep 27Messr Chitty1037  |Oct 18Messr Rawlison162108  
 Messr Backman78190 (17)| Messr Diker & Co2406  
 Mr Gask142160  |       
 Mrs Steele43150 (17)|       
 Mr Bond441211 (17)|       
Oct 4Mr Scott461 (18)|       
 Mr Pew3609 (18)|       
 Mr Banks2213  |       
Oct 6Mr Bond39102 (18)|       
 Messr Chitty11602 (18)|       
 Mr Gask13105  |       

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Will, 1761 - PRO PROB 11/862 .....

In the Name of God Amen. I Christian Tielhen of the parish of St Mary Whitechapel in the County of Middlesex Sugar Refiner being in health and of sound memory and understanding but considering the uncertainty of this transitory life do make publish and declare this my will and testament in manner and form following (to wit) Imprimis I give my body to the earth from whence it was taken in full assurance of its ressurection from there at the last day to be interred as near as possible can be to my wife in the churchyard of St Martins in the Fields my funeral charges not to exceed fifteen pounds. As to my worldly estate I will and positively order that all my debts be paid. Item I give and bequeath to Mrs Susannah Frolick one yellow gown and one green gown and all the rest residue I give and bequeath unto my son Edward Tielhen except that I give to my executors hereinafter named for their trouble at my decease to work out my house to collect and pay my lawful debts the remainder to be laid out on interest in some of the publick funds the interest to be paid to my executors for needs of education clothing and other necessary expenses (at their discretion) of my son Edward Tielhen until he arrives to the age of twenty one years. But in case my son Edward Tielhen should dye before he attains the age of twenty one years then what is remaining of the funds or stocks or in the hands of my executors or otherwise belonging to me to be divided into two equal shares. One share or one half part I give and bequeath to my worthy friend Mrs Mary Harrison spinster of Five Fields Row Chelsea in the parish of St Georges Hanover. I give the other share or one half part to be divided amongst some of the German poor men and widows belonging to the German Lutheran Church in the Precinct of St Mary Le Savoy. And all other things money goods or whatsoever shall or may be left to my son Edward Tielhen on his mothers side or by her relations if he dyes before he attains the age of twenty one years the same shall be returned to his uncles and aunts or the nearest relation on his mothers side then alive. Lastly I give and bequeath to John Arney and Joseph Hesse of the parish of St Mary Whitechapel Sugar Refiners the sum of forty pounds and necessary expenses for extraordinary trouble to be divided equally between them and do constitute the said John Arney and Joseph Hesse executors of this my last will and testament and trustees for my son Edward Tielhen. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the fifteenth day of December in the year of our Lord 1760. [signed] Christian Tielhen. Witness, Henry Barker, Susanah Freolick.

This will was proved at London the twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty one ... etc ... by the oaths of John Arney and Joseph Hesse the executors ... etc.

[Public Record Office PROB 11/862 - copy of full original available at PRO-OnLine.]

The City of Westminster Archives Centre holds a transcript of this Will in the records of Saint Mary's German Lutheran Church, Sandwich Street, WCI, 1694-1935, under Catalogue Ref. 90/15/16. The section regarding the possibility of a bequest to them has been highlighted in the margin with a long bracket.

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Inventory/Sale catalogue - Dwelling House, 1761 - PRO C104/211 .....

A Catalogue
of Household Goods, etc.
Belonging to
Mr. CHRISTIAN TIELHEN, Sugar-Baker, Deceased,
at his late dwelling house in Leman Street, Goodman's Fields.
To be sold by auction
by John Moore
on Thursday 18th June 1761.

- Fore Garret -   
A clothes line, 2 blankets, chimney board, quilting frame066
- Back Garret -   
A turnup bedstead080
A feather bed and bolster240
A coverlid and 3 blankets0190
Chair, 2 stock locks and keys036
- Two pairs of stairs forwards -   
A four post bedstead and printed linen furniture280
Feather bed, bolster and 2 pillows2120
A quilt, and 3 blankets0170
Small settee bedstead0126
Small feather bed0160
Quilt and 2 blankets080
Wallnuttree double chest of drawers170
Chamber table, small looking glass and 3 prints0136
6 festoon linen window curtains0166
6 matted chairs110
A dressing glass0116
- Two pairs of stair backwards -   
A four post bedstead, printed linen furniture3100
Goose feather bed, bolster and 2 pillows4100
A quilt and 2 blankets0180
2 printed linen window curtains and 2 rods0140
A wainscot buroe120
2 iron rim locks, 5 cloak pins040
- Dining Room -   
A steel stove, shovel, tongs, poker and fender1120
Sconce glass in a carved and gilt frame2150
Mahogany card table110
Mahogany dining table1180
8 mahogany chairs, horse hair seats700
2 stools, horse hair seats070
2 Venetian check window curtains and laths260
2 brass locks, 1 iron lock, 9 brass cloak pins090
- One pair of stairs backwards -   
A steel stove096
An easy chair, cushion, and check case, and 2 matted chairs0150
Festoon linen window curtain, 2 brass cloak pins and lath0160
- On the stair case -   
An eight day clock, japan case2170
Stair case cloth and passage cloth080
A lamp, bell and pull046
- The Compting House -   
A deal writing desk, 2 matted chairs and stool0156
Wainscot buroe220
Set of militia arms0156
Malt bin and 3 shelves070
Case of bottles, 3 deal boxes and pickling tub0116
Hair cloth, a draught board, a hat box, 2 wig boxes, a corn sieve, a lanthorn, a peck measure, a brush, 2 hair sieves, some old lead and copper0160
Parcel of glass bottles at 1/6 per doz   
Parcel of hops at 2/6 per C   
4 brushes, a pair of pincers, a hammer, a bell, pair of copper scales and beams, 3 small weights, a brass cock, a copper funnel, 21 brass hat pins, some waste paper, and old iron.0110
2 short curtains, 8 iron locks and keys040
- Linen -   
6 shirts and 6 neckcloths250
5 shirts and 5 neckcloths1120
6 shirts and 7 stocks1140
5 linen waistcoats0150
5 shirts and 6 stocks0166
A white quilt1110
A yellow silk cloak, a bed gown, and 2 damask smocks0140
Parcel of child bed linen250
38 clouts1100
3 damask table cloths, 4 napkins1160
3 damask table cloths170
6 table cloths, 6 napkins140
7 table cloths and 3 napkins0160
30 towels and rubbers096
5 Holland sheets, 4 pillow cases2160
2 pair callico sheets, 2 pillow cases160
3 pair of Russia sheets, 4 pillow cases2160
3 pair of sheets200
3 pair of sheets200
3 pair of sheets200
4 pair of sheets250
4 pair of sheets250
7 sheets170
- Wearing Apparel -   
A black coat, waistcoat and stocking breeches1160
Flowered Manchester velvet waistcoat and breeches1160
An iron grey cloth coat, 1 brown coat2100
Blue grey coat and furtout coat200
Drab coloured horseman's coat, 1 pair of leather breeches150
Brown coat, pair of plush breeches1150
A fustian frock, 3 stocking waistcoats, 2 pair of breeches0146
4 flannel waistcoats, 3 worsted caps and 4 pair of worsted stockings0130
4 pair of worsted stockings, 2 pair of thread stockings, 1 hat110
4 pair of worsted stockings, 2 pair of thread stockings, 1 hat110
A hat, 2 wigs, a velvet cap, 2 pair of gloves0120
1 hat, 2 wigs, 2 pair of gloves, 4 pair of shoes130
6 pair of shoes and pumps0160
Pair of boots and a whip0126
- Kitchen -   
A range, cheeks and keeper1180
2 fenders, shovel, tongs, 2 gridirons, a hanging iron, a footman, a small stand, 2 choppers, 4 iron skewers, a frame and flesh fork090
A box iron, 2 heaters, a stand, 5 flat irons, 8 iron candlesticks0146
A jack compleat180
3 spits, 2 racks, a drippin pan and stand, 2 pair of bellows090
8 brass candlesticks, a tinder box, a pestle and mortar, snuffers stand, a pepper box, a drudger, a ladle and slice0126
Plate warmer, a warming pan, and candle box0120
Copper coffee pot, a copper pudding pan, 2 patties and a tea kettle0120
Coffee pot, a tea kettle, a pudding pan, 2 saucepans0156
A pudding pan, a saucepan and cover, a frying pan096
Deep stewing pan and cover0110
Stewing pan and dish kettle0110
Large pottage pot and cover0160
Smaller pottage pot and cover0110
Smaller pottage pot and cover and 2 saucepans086
Large saucepan and cover, and 2 saucepans0116
2 pewter dishes, 26 plates at 8½ per lb   
2 pewter dishes, 24 plates at 8¾ per lb   
3 pewter dishes, 18 plates at 8 per lb   
Pewter cullender, a butter boat, 2 quart pots, 2 salts, 4 pewter spoons, and pewter chamber pot0110
Wainscot oval table a claw table066
6 wooden chairs, 2 matted chairs, and a corner chair080
Clothes horse, a plate rack, a knife board, a salt box, a safe and 2 shelves0136
27 knives, 30 forks0140
Coffee mill, japan waiter, a hair broom, a brush, mahogany tea board, and mahogany tea trey0106
Sundry pieces of tin, earthen, stone and delph ware0110
- Brewhouse -   
A large copper and iron work, and wooden cover3120
Smaller copper and iron work, and wooden cover1170
Copper sieve and piggin0160
2 brass cocks, a brass ladle, a hair sieve, shovel, tongs, poker, pickling tub and a wooden plater060
A gutter, a step ladder, pair of steps, 2 pails, 2 iron stands050
3 washing tubs050
6 brewing casks and funnel, iron bound110
3 beer stands, a tilter, 2 mashing tubs, 2 coolers0120
- The Parlour -   
Steel stove, shovel, tongs, poker and fender160
Mahogany dining table120
Mahogany claw table0150
6 mahogany chairs, 12 check covers480
A mahogany child's chair080
2 armed leather chairs086
Small looking glass0130
2 mahogany blinds0106
2 Venetian printed linen window curtains and laths1130
12 hat pins and brass lock050
Mahogany tea chest and tea board090
Floor cloth0126
The front of the closet, locks, hinges and 4 shelves0106
- Plate -   
A tankard at 5/11 per oz   
7 table spoons and child's spoon at 6/0 per oz   
10 tea spoons, tongs and strainer at 6/2 per oz   
Milk pot, a punch ladle, and pepper castor at 6/10½ per oz   
Child's boat, a coral and girdle buckle at 6/0 per oz   
Stock buckle, 2 knee buckles, 1 pair of shoe buckles0170
Pair of shoe buckles, 22 coat buttons at 5/2¾ per oz   
Pair of shoe buckles, pair of spurs, pair of studs, pair of sleeve buttons at 5/0½ per oz   
Silver watch by Legg2100
Silver watch by King320
A tooth pick case, tobacco stopper, pair of spectacles and case, some buttons and money scales0110
- China and Glass -   
12 blue and white plates0116
2 small salad dishes, 2 blue and white bowls cracked, 1 blue and white bowl mended060
Large burnt in enameled bowl0120
A pint bason, a patty, 6 brown and burnt in cups and saucers086
6 blue and white octagon cups and saucers, a blue and white teapot and stand0116
6 odd cups, 10 saucers, a cruet stand, 3 castors050
A quart decanter, 26 pieces of flint glass, a japan water and bottle board090
- Books -   
2 volumes of Stackouse's history1190
5 volumes of arts and sciences170
A quarto bible, a prayer book, 13 English books0120
Hammond's sermons, 13 English books076
4 quarto German books0116
A large octavo German book040
14 small German books090
- Lodging Rooms, backwards -   
A grate, fender, shovel, tongs and poker060
A bedstead090
Feather bed and bolster2100
Coverlid and 3 blankets110
A bedstead0110
A feather bed and bolster2120
Coverlid and 3 blankets130
A bedstead0110
Feather bed and bolster2140
Coverlid and 3 blankets130
A dining table, 6 wooden chairs, and 2 matted chairs0100
An alarum0156
A standing vice, 2 saws, a hammer, a square, a stock, pair of pincers, a stock lock and catch090
An iron pot and old iron0130
Total, excluding items sold by weight179176

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Leases 1761 - PRO C104/211 .....
Leases from John Arney & Joseph Hess to Thomas Check, plasterer of London, dated 1761, for "All that messuage, sugar house, millhouse, yard, shed and outhouses, belonging to and situate in Leman St, Goodman's Fields, St Mary Whitechapel, in the occupancy of John Long ...", and soon after to John Otto Drost of Leman St & William Slater of St Luke's, sugar refiners, for the same property, are also included in these bundles of papers. I can only think that this is Tielhen's refinery, and Arney and Hess leased it in their capacity as executors and guardians.

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Chancery - Statement of Joseph Hess, 1771 - Transcript - PRO C104/211 .....

In Chancery

John Arney (one of the executors of Christian Tielhen) and Edward Tielhen an infant by the said John Arney his next friend. Plaintiff
Joseph Hess (the other executor of the said Christian Tielhen) Peter Capper and Mary his wife and his Majesty's Attorney General. Defendants

The said Joseph Hess the defendant maketh oath and saith that in or about the months of July or August 1770 he left his dwelling house in Leman Street Goodman’s Fields London and proceeded from thence on a journey beyond the seas and in about a month afterwards as this defendant is informed and believes during his absence from home a Commission of Bankruptcy was awarded and issued against him and his goods and effects were seized and taken by the messenger appointed under the said Commission together with the Box hereinafter mentioned. And this defendant saith that the said Box afterwards came into the hands and possession of the assignees chosen or aforesaid clerks or solicitors acting under the said Commission and that at a meeting at the house of Messrs Wyatt & Grieve in Swithin’s Lane London at which were present William Nash Esq and of the said assignees and the said Messrs Wyat & Grieve or one of them and also Mr Baynes who appeared there on behalf of the said infant Edward Tielhen and this defendant and his solicitor the said Box was produced and the contents thereof examined and inspected into and after such examination and inspecting as this defendant apprehends and believes there was no part of the contents of the said Box found to belong or relate to this defendant’s estate under the said Commission and thereupon the said Box with its contents was locked up and the key thereof taken by the said Mr Baynes who kept the same as this defendant is informed and believes from that time ‘til very lately. But the said Box with its contents remained at the house of Messrs Wyat & Grieve or one of them ‘til sometime about the 20th day of June last when the same was by the said Mr Grieve in the presence of the said Mr Nash delivered up to this defendant the said Mr Baynes having previously as this defendant is informed and believes left the key with the said Mr Grieve and consented to the delivery of the Box and its then contents to this defendant. And this defendant saith that at the time of him leaving his dwelling house aforesaid the following particulars were in the said Box (that is to say) one two guinea piece, one thin piece of gold coin, one smal ditto, one Spanish double pilar dollar, two crown pieces, ten half crowns, six shillings, one piece of silver coin or metal, three smal pieces of foreign coin or medals, two mourning gold rings and one plain gold ring in an old velvet purse with a silver rim and hook which after the death of the testator Christian Tielhen were found in his dwelling house, and are setforth in this defendants answer in this cause as then undispossed off. And the following part of the said particulars that is to say one smal piece of gold coin , one Spanish double pilar dollar, one crown piece, eight half crowns, four shillings, three smal pieces of foreign coin or medals were at the time of examining and inspecting the said Box at the meeting aforesaid found to be missing or wanting and the said particular things except such of them so found to be wanting are now in this defendants custody or power with which he submits to stand charged and be accountable for the same. And the books papers and writings the residue of the contents of the said Box which were at the time and in manner aforesaid delivered up to this defendant. He hath now brought before and left with Samuel Pechell Esq the Master to whom this cause stands referred the said Box with its present contents delivered to this defendant as aforesaid, containing in seven parcels or bundles No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of which together with the books papers and writings formerly brought before and left with the said Master are all the books papers and writings which now are or ever were in the custody or power of this defendant or in the custody or power of any other person or persons in trust for him relating to the accounts in question in this cause to the best of this defendants knowledge remembrance and belief except vouchers and receipts for payments and disbursements touching the executorship of the said testator and the pleadings and copies of pleadings and proceedings in the cause and the probate of the said testator's will.
[signed] Joseph Hess.
Sworn at the Public Office the 22nd of July 1771 before me [signed] P Holford.

[ The 'infant Edward Tielhen' was probably 19 years old! I can only assume that the 'books papers and writings' are the ones I have referred to and in part transcribed above. Whether this matter came to court and, if so, the outcome, we have yet to find out. ]



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